Lash Extension Questions

How long do extensions last?

Extensions CAN last for up to 6 weeks. But by that time, you will have lost the majority of your extensions from your natural growth cycle. (Our lashes shed the same way our hair on our head does, so expect to see your extensions shed along with you natural lashes! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!) I suggest fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full and remove and replace any grown out lashes.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

NO! If the appropriate lashes are applied correctly, they will not cause damage to your natural lashes. I assure you that I care more about your lashes than you do! I will keep the integrity of your natural lashes intact by using correct isolation and choosing lashes suitable for your specific lashes. 

Is there any aftercare for them?

YES! Extensions are a bit of a commitment, especially for a new lash wearer. But they are so worth it! The most important things you need to do are wash and brush your extensions. I will go over everything to do with aftercare at your appointment.

Can I wear makeup with extensions?

Yes, everything except mascara is fine to wear with extensions. If you wear heavy eye makeup, it is recommended that you cleanse your extensions more than the average once per day. Twice per day is efficient in these cases.  Mascara leaves a residue behind that builds up on extensions and will effect your retention, so it is best to avoid wearing mascara on your extensions. Also, please keep in mind that any oils will break down the adhesive. So anything with an oil as a main ingredient will need to be kept away from the eye area, to ensure that you do not have premature extension loss. This is why cleansing is very important. It will get rid of any oils accumulated on the lashes each day, and help them last much longer. Clean lashes are happy lashes =-]

Can I curl my extensions?

NO! Curling your extensions will create a 90 degree angle on your extensions. And if you can imagine's not cute!

How do I need to come to my lash appointments?

With CLEAN eyes and lashes! I don't mind face makeup, but your eye area needs to be clean for the best results.  If you need to clean your eyes when you get to my studio, please let me know.

Makeup Questions

Can I bring my own makeup for you to apply?

Yes, you can. However, if your foundation shade is extremely off or have ingredients that cause flashback, I will suggest that I use what I have.

How long will my makeup last?

This will depend on a couple things. Skin type: My makeup can last many hours even on oily skin, but if you know you are oily and tend to need a quick powder touchup throughout the day, I suggest you have your favorite powder to do that with the day of your event. Also, just being mindful that you have makeup on your face. It is never a good idea to swipe at makeup.  It is not forgiving and will wipe away product from that area. Tapping, dabbing, etc. is recommended when you have makeup on for a special occasion.